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About - StoneHouse

Why StoneHouse?

Why would we name a baby, toddler and teen products brand StoneHouse?

Because a house (your child’s life)  that is built on a foundation of stone (values of hard work, determination, grit, a solid work ethic and drive to win and be the best)  –  will never be swept away by life’s strong winds, floods or torrential rainfall.

StoneHouse Brands

Is Your Kid’s Life Foundation Sand or Stone?

We’re here to lend you a helping hand so that you can teach and train your kids on the realities of life. Most parents’ desire is to raise kids that are prepared for the real world, the problem is that they just don’t know how.

That’s where we come in. 

Our mission is to help you & One Million other parents raise kids that'll grow into happy, kind & responsible adults with the work ethic, grit, tenacity & drive to impact the world.

What We’re Really About…

While our company does merchandise premium quality baby, toddler and teen products, our purpose is to use those physical products as tools that help you instill in your kids the values of kindness, hard work, effort, teamwork, grit, determination, initiative and the drive to always strive to become the best they can be.

Hence our impact statement: Because Smart Parenting Matters.

We don’t know about you, but as parents to 3 growing human beings, it’s these values that we consider the foundation for a successful life.

And by successful life we mean, a life in which our kids grow to be happy, kind and driven people always working to be the best they can be.

Readying the kids for life

Whether you like it or not, the floods of rejection will come into your child’s life or the life of a child you know.

The winds of insecurity and feelings of not being good enough will for sure blow through your child’s life or that of a child related to you.

The torrential downpours of a difficult life that comes as a result of being ill-prepared to put in the level of hard work required to make it in the world will most definitely find their way into the life of your child or that of a child you know.

The question that then begs an answer is this…

Will your child be ready?

If your child’s life – the house – is not built on a foundation of values that include kindness, hard work, putting insane amounts of effort, teamwork, determination, resourcefulness, persistence and good old rugged doggedness, that life is going to suffer the fate of a house built on sand when the winds, floods and rains come.

A successful life for us is a life in which our children are always striving to become the best they can be in whatever endevour they find themselves pursuing, now and in the future.

The successful life of a child in your life is, therefore, the stonehouse we want to help you build.

Why Built A Solid Foundation For Your Kids?

Because for starters, life as an adult is pretty tough for kids who grow up without learning to put insane amounts of effort in working for what they want.

And secondly, because the world that our kids are growing into is a pretty rough competitive place, that’s why.

So our should be ready.

While there are many people/parents who believe in making kids feel good by telling them the world is a beautiful place, that winning isn’t everything, that people will believe in and care for them, at StoneHouse, we just don’t buy into that nonsense.

What We Believe

We believe it is best to tell kids the bare naked truth about life and the world in general.

We believe in telling the young ones the truth and equipping them so that they get into the world knowing what they’re up against.

We believe in making kids understand that life is not fair, that they should always play to win and do their very best in everything they do.

And if they don’t win, it’s ok ONLY if they did their best.

Otherwise it certainly is not ok to lose.

We believe in making kids grow up understanding the value of working hard for what they want and being in charge of their lives.

These values that we believe are critical to building a successful life, unfortunately do not come installed in most humans from birth.

While there are kids who are born blessed with determination, an abnormal work ethic, persistence and an out of this world ability to face whatever life throws at them, the majority of children need massive amounts of help to build these values.

While most parents do the best they can to fight the good fight, it takes an outside party, an uncle or aunt to give a helping hand in making these values an integral part of a child’s being.

In other words, like old saying goes, it does take a village to raise a child who’s equipped to face the world.

This is where StoneHouse Brands comes in.

We want you to become part of our village because in our village kids don’t just show up to the game of life to play.

They show up to win.

So what do you want for your kids?