Q: How should I care for my baby’s towels & washcloths?

A: To prevent snagging from buttons & zippers, please machine wash your towels & washcloths separately from other laundry. Use warm water on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. They’re not needed or recommended. Tumble dry on medium or low heat.


Q: What should I do if my towels or washcloths snag?

A: We recommend you wash your towels in warm water before first use. This wash will tighten the weave structure of your towels & substantially diminish snagging. However, due to the softness of natural bamboo, it can sometimes snag. Should you snag a towel, you can simply cut the snag with scissors due to the way the towel iswoven.

Do not pull the loose thread.


Q: These towels are so soft; how can they possibly dry off my baby?

A: It’s a natural characteristic of the bamboo fabric to wick water away from baby’s skin much faster than cotton. In fact, bamboo absorbs water up to 60% faster than cotton!

Q: I dislike how some towels mildew & smell when they don’t dry. Will my towel smell?

A: Heavens no! Our towels dry faster than ordinary cotton towels & will not support mold or mildew, so they’re naturally odor resistant.

Q: Does the towel’s softness & luxuriousness mean it will not last?

A: Of Course not! Bamboo is naturally tough & besides; our manufacturing processes don’t use harsh chemicals that can weaken the fabric. So, rest assured, our bamboo fiber is amazingly strong & durable. With proper care, your towels & washcloths will st& the test of time & still look & feel wonderful. That’s why we made the towels so large, so your child grows with them!