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Hard Life Lessons For Kids Are Best Taught In the Home - StoneHouse

I don’t know about you but I believe that hard life lessons are best taught to kids sooner in their lives rather than later.

There are lessons that I got to learn as an adult that I wished my parents had given me the opportunity to learn when I was a youngster.


Because for one, it’s a pretty tough call to teach an old dog new tricks.

And second, lessons not learned in youth have a greater negative effect in adulthood.

Lessons that help develop kids into hard working adults are therefore best taught early in their lives.

The same is true to lessons that help nurture kids into entrepreneurs. The earlier they are imparted, the better.

Take for example learning how to manage money and appreciate its value.

Hard Life Lesson


It’s no secret that a kid who grows up being taught how to manage money and see its value has a much better chance of not accumulating debt than a child who grows with no idea of the value of money.

A Hard Life Lesson

One of the lessons that I would like my kids to grow up with has to do with working for somebody else’s company vs working for oneself.

Better have kids suffer through 'mock' hard life lessons in my parental custody than have them grow to learn them in the real world as adults

I do understand that not every child is wired to grow into business mogul.

That I get.

Even if my kids are not wired to be merchants, I still want them to grow up with a full understanding of the pain and anguish of working for other people.

I want them to feel how much it sucks to be unable to control how much they earn and how it feels to have somebody dictate when you can see your family.

Better they feel this now and know than for them to grow up not not knowing.

By the time they’re old enough to decide the direction of their own fate, my desire is to have all our kids know that working for somebody else should be done only to learn.

Not to base one’s life on.

If they do decide to develop a life career working for others indefinitely, then that will be an informed decision for them to make.

Hard Life Lesson


As a parent, my children’s pain, anguish and lack of freedom that comes with working for others indefinitely will not be on me.

I will have done my part to educate these humans assigned me.

A Cruel But Effective Strategy

When it comes to giving or creating life lessons for my kids, I tend to go overboard.

So I wanted to teach our oldest daughter how it feels to depend on somebody else for an income.

We had her babysit her little brother during Summer for which she was paid $5 per hour.

One of the weeks I decided to change the rate to 5 cents an hour.

Yep, you heard me right.

$0.05 per hour! True slave wage. 😰

So for a whole week in which she worked for 25 hours she only got paid $1.25.

Boy was she pissed. She is still mad.

I paid my daughter 5 cents an hour to babysit her brother. She's still pissed off.

Angry Girl

I hope she carries that spirit of being mad at an unfair employer her right into her teens and beyond.

Was I unfair?

You bet I was.

That was the strategy.

To treat her so unfairly that she will have inbred distaste for working for others.

The goal?

To show her that if she doesn’t control her own source of income, people can mess around with it.

And sometimes, as was in this case, there is nothing she could do about it except be pissed off.

And the young lady said the word unfair over 100 times during the charged encounter when she opened her pay envelope.

Your Turn

I know there are things you have done that are pretty bad-ass in your motherly drive to raise a son or daughter that you’d love to hang out with one day.

What have you done?

What things don’t you do because you know doing them is setting up your kids for a life of struggle in their adult lives?

Comment below let’s chat.


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