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Smart Moms Just Don't Do These Things...They Leave Them For The Dumb Ones - StoneHouse

There are things that mama bears never do. Letting their cubs out of the den into the forest unprotected is one of them. Likewise, there are things that smart moms just don’t do.

We’ll get into those things in a minute.

But before we do, did you know that the most dangerous time to approach any animal is when it has its young close by?

Smart Moms

You wanna die quick with a lot of pain? Approach a bear with cubs and your fate will be sealed in less than a minute.

Why is this though?

Why is an animal, wild or domesticated, most dangerous to approach when it has its young baby or babies around?

The instinctive desire to ensure its offspring live to perpetuate themselves.

That’s why.

Yes, the natural desire to make sure its babies live and thrive to become adults that have their own babies is the reason why it’s dangerous to get close to an animal with its babies.

We’re animals too

Humans might be at the top of the food chain, but when it comes down to it, we’re animals too.

Our parental protective instincts are just as strong as those of a bear…for most of us anyway.

Where wild animals beat some of us humans hands down is in the preparation of our offspring for a life on their own.

It’s instinctively hardwired into wild animals to prepare their young for adult life.

In us humans it’s not.

Or it does appear that it’s not, based on how most parents raise their kids.

Smart Moms


The fact that there are millions of adults today who can’t seem to figure out life is evidence of human parents’ failure to prepare their offspring for life in the real world.

Some of the blame does rest on the individual child, but as a parent, I choose to be accountable for the results of my parenting.

To prepare kids so that they grow into kind and hard working adults with a solid handle on life, smart moms just don’t do certain things.

They just don’t.

Here’s a quick rundown of a few of those things.

Smart Moms Don’t Give Their Kids Everything

Smart moms understand that giving their kids everything, or most of the things their kids ask for is misleading the kids about what real life is like.

Kids who grow up being given everything or most of the things they ask for grow up thinking that life is like that.

They grow up thinking they can get everything they want when they want.

But is life really like that?

Heavens no!

Smart Moms


So smart moms don’t give their kids everything the kids want.

Smart Moms Don’t Do Chores Their Kids Can Do

Smart moms delegate home tasks to their kids according to the kids’ ages.

If a task can be done by a child, then the child does it.

A lot of moms continue doing certain jobs in the home even when there are kids who are grown living with them.

The results?

One, the kids grow up unprepared for the real world in which humans actually do stuff for themselves.

And two, the moms loose their personal identity as individual women first and foremost.

Both results are sad but avoidable.

Train your kids to take over certain tasks in the home and stand your ground to make sure those tasks are done.

There's shit that smart moms just don't do.

Smart Moms Don’t Tell Their Kids They’re Special

Smart moms just don’t do this kind of thing. 

They just don’t.


Because it’s a lie and it’s one of the most useless phrases a parent can utter to a child.

Telling your kids they’re special breeds narcissism and a blotted sense of entitlement that make your  kids grow into jerks.

You obviously don’t want that now do you?

Instead, teach your kids to understand that they’re unique and have the potential to become special.

That potential to become special is realized through the application of oneself to the best of one’s ability in service to fellow humans.

So…smart moms just don’t tell their kids they are special.

Smart Moms


Smart Moms Don’t Make Their Kids’ Beds

Past a certain age, which will depend on how fast a child has developed, smart moms don’t make their child’s bed.

I cringe when I see parents rant on social media about how they have told their teenage daughter for the 101th time to make her bed.

You see, I’m a bit of an extremist when it comes to guiding my kids.

Smart Mom

If a human I was assigned to raise – AKA my child – doesn’t do things that I know are good for her life, then I have unlimited options to drive compliance.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

A few weeks ago, we were having compliance issues with House Standard #97.

That’s the All-Laundry-Must-Be-Taken-Out-Of-The-Drier standard. Compliance to this standard is assigned to our 13 year old.

So to drive compliance, I went to Walmart and bought a bright yellow pyjama onesie.

Just like the one buddy there is wearing.

I had a picture taken and I texted it to Angel with the message:

I’m coming to see you at school dressed in this during your lunch if I get home and there is laundry in the dryer. Consider yourself warned. Next time a task is not done, you won’t be warned.

You can imagine the panic and terror in her voice when she called me to apologize during her recess after she saw the text.

As far as most tasks are concerned, there’s 70% compliance. We still have ways to go.

You’re free to borrow this tactic.

You’re also free to send me a thank you gift.

Smart Moms Don’t Pack Lunch For Grown Kids

I know you love your kids.

I also know that you want your kids to grow into independent people.

So why not make them school lunch and stop right there.

Let them pack their own for themselves as soon as they’re grown enough to do so.

In our home we have two school going kids.

These two humans know that if its their stomachs that need feeding at school, then it’s their business to pack what they will eat.

Plain and simple.

Kids who grow up having lunch packed for them loose the opportunity to learn a very critical life skill.

And that’s taking care of oneself.

Smart Moms Don’t Let Kids Leave Pee On Toilet Seat

smart moms
If a parent has to clean pee that a child has left on the toilet seat or poo on the toilet bowl interior that a child has not cleaned up, that parent has a problem.

An irresponsibility problem.

If a mom or dad cleans up after a child has messed the toilet, who is going to do the same when the child is living with roommates in college?

Smart moms do not tolerate this type of behavior. 

From their drunk spouse maybe, but certainly not from their kids.

The best way to train kids not to mess the toilet?

Give them the responsibility of cleaning the toilet, deliberately mess it up (leave poo on the bowl insides preferably), don’t clean it and have the child to deal with it.



Does it achieve the goal?

Every time.

Smart Moms Don’t Let Their Kids Accept An 8th Place Trophy

There is an insidious celebration of mediocrity that has become common in many schools.

It’s also being seen in many supposedly competitive events, especially kids’ sports.

This is shows itself in the fact that everybody who participates in a competition get a medal or trophy.

Smart Moms


The philosophy behind rewarding people for participation hangs on the thread that participation is more important that winning.

Well I’d be ok with this if things worked like that in the real world.

But they don’t.

In the real world, you don’t perform you don’t get rewarded.

Smart moms don’t celebrate when their kids come last or second from last.

Smart moms encourage their kids to train and prepare for competition with one goal in mind.


Smart Moms Don’t Shy Away From Imparting Hard Lessons

Hardship, challenges and pain are the true ingredients to greatness.

Smart moms do not shy away from imparting hard lessons into their kids because they understand the value of hardship in building character.

They therefore go out their way to find creative ways to teach hard lessons to their kids.

Weight is a huge problem for most people.

A child who grew up in a family that periodically fasts has a far better chance of fending winning the weight battle compared to a child that has never fasted a day in their life.

Is fasting easy?

Try it and find out.

Smart Moms Don’t Make Friends Out of Their Kids

Ok, I should add that smart parents don’t make friends out of their kids below a certain age.

Like what age you might ask.

Well, as long as I have the duty to parent a growing human, then that human is not my friend. I’m their parent,

I can’t be my child’s parent and friend at the same time.


I would go into an explanation of why not had that wheel not been invented already.

So instead of reinventing that explanation, I’ll let my dear Kristina do the honors here.


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