Have you ever gone into a toilet at a friend’s house, a relative’s house or at the mall and came out with the smart parenting urge to give it to whoever was the last person to use that toilet because they left their pee on the seat?

Or worse still they did not flush or they left their crap stuck to the wall of the toilet bowl when a brush was available?

Yeah! I know the feeling and the exact thought process that goes into one’s mind when they find a messed toilet.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m assaulted with this kind of disgustenment (best word for it) I round curse the mother and father of the human who messed up the toilet left their mess for me or somebody else to deal with.

After raising prayers and curses for the parent of that person to be struck by lightening, I raise more prayers for the grand parents of that person to be struck by lightening too.


Why do I wish ill on the toilet messer’s parents and not the messer him or herself?

Because, just like talking with a mouthful of food, messing a toilet and not cleaning one’s mess reflects the teaching that a person receiving from his or her parents.

So when I sit at a table with other people to eat and some fool starts talking with a mouthful of food, I know that parents were the original fools who passed on their own foolishness to their child who, now as a grown ass man or woman doesn’t know any better.

The same applies to people who leave their pee on a toilet seat.

They were not raised right.

Now here is the most interesting thing.

If you were to dig into the live of people who leave pee on a toilet seat, you will find a common theme.

They are all losers.


Because leaving pee on a toilet seat or (please God forbid) crap in the toilet bowl unflushed, is like the tip of an iceberg. It’s a sure indicator of the presence, in a person’s life of quality that are guaranteed to create a certified loser.

As a smart parent, it therefore becomes critical that you deal decisively with the behavior of kids leaving pee on the toilet seat should it raise its ugly head in your home.

The following is a short list why making your kids get away with leaving pee on a toilet seat is setting them up to become certified losers in their adult life.

#1: It’s a sign of laziness

It takes less that 3 seconds to reach out for toilet paper and wipe one’s mess on the toilet. So when a person leaves their mess on the toilet seat, it shows this person is lazy.

You and I know that lazy people are losers. I will send you $100 if you show me a single person who is a leader in any field who attributes his or her success to his or her laziness.

I can guarantee you that you will look until the donkeys have grown horns and you will never find one human, living or dead, who says their laziness got them places.

When therefore, you see pee on a toilet seat, realize that you’ve just come across a grown member of the human race whose parents did a shoddy job, or none at all, to stamp out the spirit of laziness in their child.

#2: It’s a sign that a person doesn’t take responsibility

If we are going to raise our children into adults who take responsibility for their actions our work has to start early.

One of the best ways I know to raise an adult who takes responsibility is to train kids into cleaning up after themselves. Cleaning after oneself does not stop at the dining table or in their rooms, it also goes into the toilets.

So here is the simple logic.

If a person makes a mess and leaves the mess, who do they expect will clean up the mess?

Those who mess up toilets at work might argue that it’s the janitors’ job to clean up the mess. But if you work in the real world like most is do, you know that janitors clean toilets on a schedule because they have other tasks to carry out.

So between the time a mess is made and janitors clean it up, several other people will have had need to use the facility.

Why leave the responsibility for fixing one’s mess to somebody else anyway? You make the mess you clean it up.

Plain and simple.

Cleaning up after one’s own toilet mess is taking responsibility as its most fundamental level and the wise guru said, how you do everything, is how you do everything else.

#3: It shows lack of self respect

Nobody can claim to not have left pee on a toilet seat once or twice in their lives. Especially men.

Shame on me because my mother (bless her departed soul) taught me better but I have left pee drop or two on one or two toilet seats in my life. What I can say, that you most likely know anyway, is that nobody who leaves pee on the toilet seat wants to be found out.

People who mess up toilets and don’t clean after themselves hope to God nobody sees them coming out.


Because we all know that self respecting people do not leave pee on a toilet seat. In the home, in public or anywhere in between.

So teaching kids never to leave their business on the toilet seat but clean it up is one sure fire way to teach them self respect.

#4: It shows low personal standards

One of the critical pieces that must fall into place to raise a child who becomes driven to succeed as an adult is that parents should set high standards for the growing child.

It is standards that are set by us parents for our kids that become their personal standards as adults.

So when a person leaves their pee on the toilet seat or (heavenly Father please forbid this one) on the floor, it is a clear sign that this person has extremely low personal standards in the hygiene arena.

And we know that a person who has poor standards of personal hygiene does not all of a sudden develop high work perfomance standards in his or her job or business.


High or low standards are like a template that gets imprinted on everything a person does.

Show me a child who cleans up the toilet seat after messing it up and I will show a child who will grow to set high standards for him or herself in school, college, work and business.

#5: It shows lack of consideration for others

Unless a person is as self absorbed as Donald Trump, they share a toilet with one other person.

Which is it is the ultimate mark of inconsideration of others when a person leaves pee on a toilet seat they know other people will use.

How does a person live with himself leaving a mess on a toilet seat fully knowing that somebody else will be using the same toilet?

Do you want your child or children to be considerate of their fellow humans in all areas of their lives?

Start by training them to clean their pee if they mess the toilet.

#6: It’s a display of sloppiness

The toilet bowl is large enough that there is really no need for anybody to be spraying pee on the seat.

Unless of course somebody is sloppy.

And you and me know that sloppiness in one area of life can be easily seen in multiple other areas as well.

It therefore becomes super critical for us parents to train our kids that sloppiness is a quality that should never be nursed.

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