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The Ultimate Guide To Raising Kind Kids - StoneHouse

As a parent raising kids in a fast changing world, raising kind kids has to be a top priority given the ever increasing digitization of everyday life.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I come into contact with a mean, inconsiderate, unkind and all round jerk of an adult, my thoughts always run to how this person was raised.

Yes, a good portion of a person’s jerk-hood or meanness is self taught.

That I get.

The better portion of an individual’s meanness however, is a direct result of that individual’s upbringing.


Because whatever a child becomes tomorrow is a result of the influences of their yesterday.

With the exception of people like Adolf Hitler or Donald Trump, no child is born evil or mean.

Children grow into mean, inconsiderate and unkind adults in direct proportion to the parenting they received growing up.

Outside forces that kids came in contact with as they grow also make an impact for sure.

That impact is however, always influenced to a very large extent by the parenting the kids get.

Every Parent Wants To Raise A Kind Human

A study of 3500 moms and moms to be from around the world conducted by Fisher Price found that one of the top qualities parents desire for their grown kids is that they are kind.

Raising Kind Kids

Courtesy: fisher-price.com

So for most parents, the desire is there.

Like Kelly at Happy You, Happy Family said:

At least I don’t think anyone sets out to raise a butthead.

We all have aspirations that our kids grow into kind and considerate people who put the needs of others first while looking out themselves.

Yet for some reason, a lot of us miss the mark by a huge margin.

Judging by the number of adult assholes (pardon my French here) roaming unchecked in the world, it’s clear that a lot of us parents are not doing such a good job.

The Parenting Challenge

As parents, just as there aren’t any guidelines to be a successful spouse, there are definitely no manuals to being the perfect parent.

Neither are there manuals for raising kind kids.

Until now.

Raising Kind Kids

As parents to 3 growing kids, just like you, we also struggle with the various aspects of raising these humans we were assigned.

One parenting ball that we, however, would like to make sure we don’t drop is the raising kind kids ball.

Not only do we desire to raise our kids to be kind people.

Raising Kind Kids


We’re putting WORK into making sure they DO grow into kind people.

As I write this, we have a Kindness Spreading Spree next weekend.

The kids have chosen the acts of kindness they would like to spread and we’ll be going out to execute them.

We’re planning to make this a regular activity.

Why Is Kindness A Superpower?

One of the things that we do not apologize for here at StoneHouse Brands is the fact that we promote the raising of tough, driven, determined and persistent kids with a work ethic that makes Will Smith’s look like play.

We’re on the side of those parents who not only desire, but are working hard to raise kids so they can grow into successful adults.

Success in sports, health, business, professional carriers, relationships as well as every other aspect of life that matters.

A lot of people however, are of the wrong idea that toughness, drive and success do not hang out with kindness in the same person.

These people have bought into the lie that nice guys finish last.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, there are many successful jerks and mean people who have impacted the world in a big way.

Steve Jobs and Donald Trump are prime examples.

These people to us represent an old model of success that, judging from the values of most millennials, is fast becoming obsolete.

A person does not have to be ass to be successful and make a huge impact in the world.

Enter Gary Vee…

Raising Kind Kids

That Gary Vee is one the leading business minds of this digital age is no argument.

The fact that he epitomizes grit and hustle for the modern day entrepreneur is well known and documented.

What is not hugely documented however is the fact the he attributes a large portion of his success to the value of kindness that his mother instilled into him growing up.

Gary Vee rightly believes that a person can be driven, aggressive towards goals, be tough and ultra successful while at the same time

being the kindest person around.

That…is what we’re aiming for.

Raising kids who grow into happy people.

Happy because they are kind and are driven to be the best they can be.

Raising Kind Kids

Wait… But How?

Like I said earlier on, every parent hopes and wishes to raise a child who grows into a happy person.

The real question is how do we do it? What actions do we as parents have to take to train our kids to be kind?

What do we have to encourage or guide our kids into doing so that by doing those things, their kindness ‘muscles’ grow?

Kindness is like a muscle. It grows through use.

We have put together a really comprehensive guide of things or Acts of Kindness that you can start helping your kids to practice.

We put together this list for our own kids and we hope you will find the lists instructive, eye opening and practical.

The acts of kindness lists have been created with specific relationships in mind to make them practical.

This...hands down, is the ultimate guide to raising kids who will grow into kind humans.

So go ahead…did in.

Acts of Kindness To A Sibling

Siblings are meant to have a very strong and unbreakable bond.

My own relationship with some of my siblings however, tell a different story.

I certainly don’t want my kids to have the same kind of relationship I have with some of my siblings (I have 6).

Most parents just assume that because they raise their kids in the same home therefore the kids will always be close.

Dead wrong.

Raising Kind Kids

My own parents made that assumptions and never made it a priority to have us practice being kind to each other.

The result?

My siblings and I are not close at all.

As a matter of fact, some them actually hate each other and would be happy to see each other struggle in life.

Such is the fate of siblings whose parents don’t instill in them the value of being kind to each other.

To enhance the bond that exists between siblings, we have put together a list of acts of kindness that your kids could show towards each as they grow.

My kids have these posted on their walls and we make it a point to ask them how they are doing in practicing them.

Download the Siblings Acts Of Kindness Printable

Acts of Kindness To Service Providers

When you encourage your kids to be nice to strangers, it is important that you teach them to express their thanks and be responsive ONLY to people who have contributed to them in some way.


Because while you want your kids to be good mannered, you also do not want them talking to every person on the street.


You also don’t want them responding to questions from random strangers.

There are too many creeps out there.

Ever heard of grown ass men and women approaching little kids and asking for ages? Or making some weird comment about how cute they are?

We have created a good list of kindness acts that kids can while you out and about with them.

Service Providers’ Acts Of Kindness Printable

Acts of Kindness To A Classmate

Our kids get a taste of the real world from school.

Right from kindergarten all the way up to university and beyond, classmates are an integral component of every child’s growth.

It’s from classmates that kids make their first real friendships and other significant relationships outside the home.

As parents working to raise kids who grow into kind adults, classmates therefore present a unique opportunity to instill kindness in our kids.


Acts Of Kindness To A Classmate Printable

Acts of Kindness To Mother Earth

As far as humans know to date, our planet is the only one that can sustain life as we know it.

We will therefore, have been negligent in our duty if we don’t guide kids to be kind to mankind’s only home.


The natural environment is one of the easiest things to take for granted.

Until an environmental disaster hits.

Raising kids who grow into adults that are kind to the environment has to be made a top priority.

20 Acts Of Kindness To Mother Earth Printable

Acts of Kindness To Parents

Providing kids with the opportunity to be kind to us is a great way to be selfish in a very good way.

30 Acts Of Kindness To My Parents Printable

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